Vintage Fireplaces

A collection of handmade tiled vintage fireplaces.

The three designs, the Craddock, Sunrise and Wyndham are all available as either complete fireplaces, or inserts to go with a wooden mantel.

The hearth is included.

The Craddock Fireplace

The Craddock fireplace with it's instantly recognisable Art Deco motif has proved to be one of our most popular fireplace designs.

Decorative details like this fan were very common in domestic design in homes built throughout the inter-war period. The fireplace design can reflect this and recreate an original decorative theme for your home with a splash of colour as the focal point.

This tiled design is available in two versions: olive green with steel green fan details, and light brown with teapot brown fan details.

The background colour is ivory.

The Craddock Fireplace

A Flat-fronted Craddock insert in green and ivory tiles with a San Remo insert stove and the Milligan Mantel

The Craddock Fireplace

A Craddock fireplace in brown and ivory tiles with a traditional opening for solid fuel

The Craddock Fireplace

A Craddock insert in brown and ivory tiles with a Super Heatrave gas fire and the Gatsby Mantel

The Wyndham Fireplace

The Wyndham is an Art Deco fireplace design with decorative detail that dates from the late 1920s. The earliest original version of this design known to us was in a house built in 1928.

The motif in the Wyndham fireplace shows the influence of Central American art on the Art Deco movement. The stepped 'ziggurat' motif reminiscent of a Mayan temple at the base of the fire opening is mirrored in the stepped motif above it with a central diamond shape.

The combination of the Ivory background with the Olive Green openings and steps framing an Inca Gold diamond shape is particularly striking. The natural shade variations of the hand glazed, curved opening tiles adds a subtlety to the assembled piece.

Wyndham all tiled fireplace in green and ivory

A Wyndham all tiled fireplace in green and ivory with a traditional round opening

A Flat-fronted Wyndham insert in green and ivory

A Flat-fronted Wyndham insert in green and ivory tiles with an Aurora gas fire and the Chrysler Mantel

A Wyndham all tiled fireplace in brown and ivory

A Wyndham all tiled fireplace

The Sunrise Fireplace

The Sunrise is a classic Art Deco motif, from an original 1930s design.

The motif was originally hand produced in Stoke-on-Trent by a technique known as tube-lining spread over six tiles. We have now refined our cutting techniques and the motif is cut from plain tiles giving sharper edges and better colour matching with the ivory field tiles

The Sunrise fireplace insert is ivory and midnight blue, with green yellow and red sunrise details.

The gloriously contrasting colours of the tiles are reminiscent of some of Clarice Cliff's pottery glaze colours and are underlined with the much darker Midnight Blue stripe.


Sunrise fireplace


Sunrise insert with the Milligan mantel


Sunrise insert with the Chrysler mantel

Fireplace Options

All of our fireplaces can come with the traditional curved fireplace opening tiles, ideally suited to open solid fuel fires burning coal and logs. We also have made a decorative fuel-effect gas fire, which fits the traditional 16 inch fireback shape, and goes with the curved frets that the fireplaces are mostly pictured with.

All of our fireplaces can be used with modern, front- fitting and high efficiency appliances, for gas, solid fuel or electricity. Most manufacturers will have models designed to fit in a standard 16 inch opening. To install one of our fires with such an appliance just order the flat-fronted version from your dealer.

N.B. If you are fitting an inset solid fuel stove with one of our all-tiled fireplaces, please alert your dealer to the fact. On some models the fitting will be made simpler if we reduce the thickness of the fireplace to allow an easier connection for a flue liner.

Traditional curved opening tiles

Traditional curved opening tiles

curved tile

Flat opening for front-fitting appliances


Solid Fuel


inset solid fuel stove


electric insert


fuel effect gas fire

Fireplace Hearths

Our hearths sit flat on the floor in front of the fire itself. We supply two standard sized hearths, both of which have a standard thickness of 5cm.

Hearths for a fireplace insert are 99.5cm wide x 41cm deep as standard.

Hearths for a complete fireplace insert come in two sizes, 99.5cm wide x 41cm or 122cm x 46cm.

Some customers wish to stand the whole mantel on the hearth, or cover up an existing concrete / tiled constructional hearth that is flush with the floor. We can make a larger hearth but this will increase the time to make your fireplace.

We can also supply matching loose tiles for customers recreating an original look with fireplace tiles laid flush to the floor.

Matching tiled fenders can also be made in such cases if the installation needs one to conform fully with building regulations. Ask your dealer for prices.

large hearth for complete fireplace

Large hearth for a complete fireplace

hearth for fireplace inserts

Standard hearth for a fireplace insert

small hearth for complete fireplace

Standard hearth for a complete fireplace